Nose trimmer

Feeling plucky? Get a nose trimmer Despite the majority of us believing this to be an affliction for the more mature of us, the dreaded nasal hair can strike down young or old, male or female. It is a part of our beauty regime that most of us have to go through but will never admit to but you, yes you, need to get a nose trimmer. Let’s be honest. We all have hair in our noses so it’s no big deal admitting we need to trim it from time to time? It is now perfectly acceptable to wax everywhere … Continue Reading

Beard grooming kits

Beard grooming kits

The Rise of Beard Grooming and how to find beard grooming kits to suit you It goes to show just how far us men have come in the last few years. A couple of generations ago grooming consisted of a wet shave and if it was a special occasion a slap of aftershave. Now men care much, much more and are more likely to spend hours in the bathroom than their better halves. Beard grooming, the manliest of all types of grooming The term ‘beard grooming’ on its own doesn’t quite convey just how complicated a task it can be. … Continue Reading

Do Beard Growth Products Actually Work?

Encouraging Beard Growth The Natural Way By Beard and Company Have you ever wanted to find a healthy, inexpensive way to encourage your beard to grow? When I Google “ways to make my beard grow”, I find info on beard growth vitamins, beard growth serums, and minoxidill (Rogaine), all of which are common methods for growing beards. So what’s your best option? Beard Growth Vitamins Within the last few years, some supplement makers have created their own solution to the problem of slow beard growth with beard growth vitamins. One popular brand of beard growth supplement is Beardalizer. Beardalizer promises … Continue Reading

best beard dye

Best beard dye for men

Beard dye or not to beard dye? There is nothing wrong with wanting to hide those few creeping grey hairs,  and it’s perfectly natural to want to portray the image of youth for that bit longer. Beards and stubble are quite often the first to fall victim to ageing process so for those of you who want a shiny, sparkly un-grey beard here’s’s guide to the best beard dye. You may also just like to mix things up a bit. Experiment with a few different shades. You may not have expected the bright red beard and would just like … Continue Reading

How to trim a beard...

How to trim a beard

How to trim a beard There are many ways in which you could trim a beard as there are many styles and many types of beard. We couldn’t cover it all as much as we’d love to but our writer would end up getting sores from sitting in his swively chair. It’s for that reason (to save our writers arse) that we’re going to concentrate on how to trim beards in different ways. Today we’ll be focusing on how to trim your beard short. There’s every chance that in future weeks and months this post will be added to with … Continue Reading

Braun Trimmer BT5050

Braun Trimmer BT5050

– Braun do it again with this excellent mid-price trimmer… Price £36.50 Features Precision blades with long lasting edge More than 20 length settings 50 minutes uninterrupted battery time Can be used in wet environments so easil.y washable Also comes with mains bathroom plug   The BT505 Braun trimmer is another great trimmer Braun. features many trimmers from Braun as they really are excellent trimmers. They can be found on the best beard trimmer reviews page, the beard trimmers review page.   Precision Trimming The Braun BT5050 boasts 4 x more precision (*vs. previous Braun cruZer 5 beard). To give … Continue Reading

The Braun CruZer 6

The Braun cruZer 6

The Braun cruZer 6 – 3 in 1 beard trimmer The Braun CruZer 6 (not sure why the need for the capital Z) is one of Brauns budget beard trimmers. It’s often the case you get what you pay for but it feels like the CruZer 6 goes that extra mile. It’s so inexpensive that it actually features on our list of the most inexpensive beard trimmers. So is it just cheap and nasty or is it woorth the small price tag. Lets take a look… Price £24.99 Features Precise trimming and shaping 2 x click and lock comb heads each with … Continue Reading

BaByliss Trimmer Palm Pro

Babyliss Trimmer Palm Pro

The Babyliss Trimmer Palm Pro – A great mobile trimmer for any part of the body The BaByliss trimmer Palm Pro is a pretty basic trimmer. It’s a trimmer that’s good for portable use and is the choice of many mobile professionals like make up artists and mobile hair dressers. As the name ‘Babyliss Trimmer Palm Pro’ would suggest it easily fits in the palm of your hand. Price £15.00 Features Preciusion steel blades ‘Trigger switch’ for ease of use Designed to fit neatly in the palm of your hand Cordless operation for easy and mobile use Batteries included It’s size coupled … Continue Reading

BaByliss for men

BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

BaByliss for Men present the 7420U Super Groomer BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer is a great all-in-one trimmer which will allow you to trim any part of your body form your head to your toes! Features For all over trimming: face, body, and wherever else you might trim! May be used cordless or plugged in Lithium ion tech 5 changeable trimming attachments Electro-chemically forged blades Super sharp cutting angles for easy trimming Charging stand Although we have to admit, this trimmer doesn’t look too high tech it is a well built and robust groomer that really feels good in … Continue Reading

Wahl beard trimmer

Wahl Beard Trimmer – Lithium Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Grooming

Wahl Lithium Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Grooming Station This is a beautiful beard trimmer as are many Wahls. Their fantastic design and functionality is what earns them the accolade of some of the best beard trimmers money can buy. Set up in 1919, Wahl clipper company has been into designing and innovating professional grooming tools. One of their most sought after product is the wahl grooming station, the wahl beard trimmer. An all in one device, this is ideal for trimming or shaving hear anywhere from your head to toe. Promising power, sturdiness and quality, this easy to handle … Continue Reading