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Philips Trimmer & Hair Clipper Series 9000

Philips Trimmer & Hair Clipper  Series 9000 Here’s another cool Philips trimmer in the 9000 series. If you do buy a Philips trimmer you often expect a certain level of quality. You expect it to look nice and trim well, and you also expect really good customer service should you need it. Not only that but this is a fantastic look trimmer. I really belive Philips have outdone themselves with the aesthetics of this trimmer. I love it! Not only is this one realllly good looking but it has a host of cool features. Price £59.00 Features Digital swipe action Motorised … Continue Reading

Philips beard trimmer

Philips Beard Trimmer Series 9000 Laser Guided

The Laser Guided Series 9000 Philips Beard Trimmer The laser guided Philips beard trimmer 9000 series is most definitely a pretty cool beard trimmer especially if, like me, you’re the sort of guy who loves gadgets and new tech. Not many manufacturers use this laser guidance on their beard trimmers. Personally I don’t have much experience with them but the reviews are pretty good. The laser guidance seems to be an excellent tool for those who like a short beard and want their lines to be precise and fantastically tidy. This will be one of the trimmers featured on the … Continue Reading

Bacteria and beards

A while ago (20th Jan 2016) I received an alert from my phone telling me that there was a story on BBC News. As always I gave the notification a glance and saw that it was an  article entitled ‘Are beards good for your health?’. So why might beards be good for you do you think? They keep you warm in winter? Some women dislike beards so they stop you pulling on a Friday night ergo reducing your chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease? If you have a road accident they prevent your jaw from being broken by providing some … Continue Reading

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The end of ‘peak beard’

Will the sacred beard see a demise in 2016? Beards have been back en vogue in a big way for a number of years now. Their popularity during 2015 was unprecedented and anyone whose anyone in music, film, sports, TV and politics had one. But what’s in store for the future of the beard? Will beard just become more and more popular until everyone in the world has one? Well, we can hope but the truth is that things come into fashion and things go out of fashion. Maybe the current era of beards is coming to an end. Alun … Continue Reading

Beard styles that will suit your face shape

What are the best beard styles for the shape of your face? We usually have a slightly different face shape to other people and it’s for this reason than different beard styles suit different people. So what face type do you have and what beard would suit your face the best? give you some simple to apply when deciding what style of beard to grow. Those who have looked into face shapes and beards suggest that your jaw and your beard should work together in order to achieve a well graduated, oval shape to your face and beard. For … Continue Reading

Best stubble trimmers

Best stubble trimmer

The best stubble trimmer of 2016 The noble stubble trimmer one that’s been around for that long but in the 10-15 years that we have seen these they’ve become uber popular. We’ve given you the best beard trimmers, we’ve given you cheap beard trimmers, we’ve even given you mediocre trimmers…well now you’re about to see…the BEST STUBBLE TRIMMER! BaByliss Super Stubble Price £48.00 Features Floating contour head floats effortlessly over your skin Precise length settings with memory function. Starting at 0.4mm Uses Lithium-ion batteries for great cordless use Electro-chemically sharpened blades Digital display This is basically the son, or grandson, or … Continue Reading

Cheap beard trimmers

Cheap beard trimmers

Looking for the best cheap beard trimmers in 2016? Look no further… I’m going to love this page of reviews. Why? Because I love getting something for cheap, so long as it’s still good quality of course. In this section The Beard trimmer is going to take an honest and in-depth look  at cheap beard trimmers in 2016. These trimmers will be £20 and under – seemed like a decent price tag to go up to as you can’t expect much for under a tenner. If this isn’t ‘ya thing’ and you’d prefer to be perusing all singing, all dancing trimmers that may be … Continue Reading


Beard Trimmer Reviews

Beard trimmer reviews – Great reviews of great beard trimmers in 2016 This has been a difficult time for me, a very difficult time. I had to look deep within myself and ask, What would people want to see on a Beard Trimmer Reviews page. Well, obviously reviews of beard trimmers, that’s a given. But which ones?? Have a look through, I do hope it doesn’t dissapoint…If, per chance, you’re looking for trimmers with more functions, more shazz, or simply more professional please vist our best beard trimmer page. If you’re in a rush here’s a quick rundown of trimmers you’ll … Continue Reading

The best beard trimmer of 2016?

Best beard Trimmer

The best beard trimmer available in 2016 – A review of the Top 10 We’re  in search of the best beard trimmer ! Here you’ll find a selection of above average beard and hair trimmers that you won’t find on our normal beard trimmer reviews. Some of these may be a little more expensive but they’re also a little bit cooler, have a few more features, or just downright brilliant when it comes to trimming your whiskers. The best beard trimmers of 2016 are available to you through Amazon or other major online retailers. So without further ado, we’re just going … Continue Reading

The beard trimmer 2016

The Beard Trimmers Top Styles for 2016

The top beard styles for 2016, brought to you by The beard trimmer gives you great reviews of the best trimmers, cheap beard trimmers, stubble trimmers and very average trimmers which wont cost a pretty penny! Everybody is well aware of the resurgence of the beard in recent years. It’s now pretty darn cool to be wondering down the road sporting a big old bushy beard. But why are they so important to so many men, and given that they are so important how do you keep your facial hair in tip-top condition? Google ‘beards’ and you’ll be hit square in the … Continue Reading