Bacteria and beards

A while ago (20th Jan 2016) I received an alert from my phone telling me that there was a story on BBC News. As always I gave the notification a glance and saw that it was an  article entitled ‘Are beards good for your health?’. So why might beards be good for you do you think? They keep you warm in winter? Some women dislike beards so they stop you pulling on a Friday night ergo reducing your chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease? If you have a road accident they prevent your jaw from being broken by providing some cushioning? None of the above I’m afraid. But should you be spending out to find a beard trimmer to get rid of your man fluff? To find out if beards are good for your health as so many articles are now suggesting and why that may be keep reading…


Are beards healthy? Michael Mosley is a TV presenter who I’m sure you’ll recognise from such gems as The One Show and a host of other shows investigating how harmful, or healthy, certain foodstuffs are. He’s also one of the presenters on the BBC Two show ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor‘.





Why Your Beard Is Disgusting‘, from DNews.

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