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The Rise of Beard Grooming and how to find beard grooming kits to suit you

It goes to show just how far us men have come in the last few years. A couple of generations ago grooming consisted of a wet shave and if it was a special occasion a slap of aftershave. Now men care much, much more and are more likely to spend hours in the bathroom than their better halves.

Beard grooming, the manliest of all types of grooming

The term ‘beard grooming’ on its own doesn’t quite convey just how complicated a task it can be. Standard male grooming is a shave or perhaps a bit of carefully considered stubble, a bit of man scaping maybe and a quick covering of Nivea for men moisturizer.

The off shoot of beard grooming has now become just as big as the source from whence it came. Websites, blogs, magazines, Instagram’s, all of this devoted to the pursuit of beard grooming and all that entails.

So why has it taken off so rapidly? Male grooming itself is a huge market that was worth £14.8 billion worldwide this year. Yes that is huge but it has taken fair few years to reach that figure when you compare it to the female grooming market which has always been incredibly strong. Despite the male grooming market gaining so much momentum over the years the fact is that a lot of males are still reluctant or shy to jump on the bandwagon. ‘It isn’t manly to moisturise’. This could explain why a higher percentage of males compared to woman choose to shop for their toiletries online rather than in a shop. This stigma that still lingers with some that grooming isn’t what men do has led the male grooming market to take a while to mature.

On the other hand the beard grooming market has imploded over the last five years at an incredible rate. Charitable causes such a Movemeber have helped boost the popularity of the beard and moustache and Hollywood A-listers such as Brad Pitt and Tom Hardy have donned the bearded look with spectacular results. For a male right now a beard is one of the biggest fashion statements you can make.

In 2013 Europe saw a huge dip in the sales of male grooming products such as razors and shaving creams caused by the huge popularity of the designer stubble and beard. But of course beard grooming isn’t just about trimming a stubble to a certain length or design. Nor is it about getting a beard to the perfect thickness and length.

The products that come with beard grooming are vast. From simple shampoos and conditioners to oils and balms and not forgetting those beard dyes to perfect the perfect shade or banish those greys. Beards and moustaches have of course been fashionable at time throughout the decades but there wasn’t this choice of products available to enhance the beard grooming experience, it was a case you’ve grown it now trim it.

All these beard grooming products and accessories may seem a little OTT but the fact is having stubble and a beard is one of the key defining features of being male. It is a chance for even some of the more reserved men out there to splash out and indulge themselves without feeling less of a men. In fact it has the opposite effect, a perfectly quaffed beard is something that many women find appealing not just for the aesthetics but it also shows a man who likes to take care of himself, a perfect balance of metrosexual and manliness!

It may seem like a bit of a passing fad and I would expect a lot of the hype to eventually die down. But I think this emergence of mainstream beard grooming will leave a lasting impact on men around the world.

Beard grooming is here to stay!

Beard Grooming Kits

With Christmas only a few months away here are a few beard kits that make the perfect gift for those who are into their beards and tashes.

Mo Bro’s Grooming Kit

This little kit is perfect as a stocking filler and for those who are just exploring their beard grooming side. A great little starter kit that includes lots of good things for your beard such as balm, oil and wax.

You choose from 9 natural scents to have your beard smelling as beautiful as it looks. The products contained in this starter pack can be purchased separately so those getting hooked on beard grooming can continue to pamper themselves.

At only 9.99 this definitely isn’t a grooming kit to be sniffed at!

Also if you wanted to purchase a gift for the more experienced beard groomer than why don’t you go for the 8 piece gift set instead. Includes a beard soap to keep that beard squeaky clean!

Men Rock Beard Care and Moustache Care Gift Set

Another great grooming kit for a loved one at Christmas. Contains beard soap to keep it lovely and clean, beard oil to soften everything up and some wax to keep a wayward beard contained. These products do look on the diddy side but a little does go a long way.

Slightly on the pricier side at 29.99 but the quality of the products are impeccable and packaged beautifully, making it an ideal Christmas present.

Oh and not forgetting the wax is scented with sandalwood, who can resist that?

Dear Barber Beard Grooming Mens Gift Set Collection

This gem of a grooming kit contains the essentials. Oil, wax and a comb. The comb in this has nice fine teeth enabling even the shortest of growth to benefit from it.

All lovely quality leaving your beard feeling beautifully soft and smelling great. The box itself is well thought out and gives it that extra special feel.

For 16.45 this is a well-priced gift for a loved one or a nice treat for yourself.

Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit

This beauty of a beard grooming kit contains all the essentials to a perfect beard. It contains wax, oil, wash and the all-important comb.

The beard wash leaves it feeling lovely and soft and the oil helps to retain the moisture and softness. The wax has a nice hold throughout the day. Last but not least the comb is a nice size and the teeth aren’t too wide which enables you to comb even the shortest and thinnest of growths.

At 25.99 it is at the more expensive end of the market but the products themselves are of great quality.











  • Indybabs says:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been growing my beard for a number of years now with very very little trimming or grooming. You could say that ive gone for the hobo look! However now that I’ve recently switched my job, within the same company, from manual to an office job, it seems to time to start grooming my beard and finding a good beard grooming kit to use. It’s either that or clean sahve I think!
    Checked out youtube channel and saw a few vids but have found to much description of products. Apart form the beard trimming kits on this page, would you recommend any more functional every day trimming and groomin kits?

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