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Beard trimmer reviews – Great reviews of great beard trimmers in 2016


No more trips to the barbers needed with Beard Trimmer Reviews

This has been a difficult time for me, a very difficult time. I had to look deep within myself and ask, What would people want to see on a Beard Trimmer Reviews page. Well, obviously reviews of beard trimmers, that’s a given. But which ones?? Have a look through, I do hope it doesn’t dissapoint…If, per chance, you’re looking for trimmers with more functions, more shazz, or simply more professional please vist our best beard trimmer page.

If you’re in a rush here’s a quick rundown of trimmers you’ll find below. If you’re hanging around then keep scrolling to find more in depth reviews.

  1. BaByliss 7056CU
  2. BaByliss 7235U – 10 Piece Titanium Grooming Set
  3. Remington MB4560 – Lithium Technology Touch Control Trimmer

BaByliss 7056CU

Price £17.97


  • Create tailored edges and effect with the detail trimmer included

    Beard trimmer reviews - Bablyiss 7056CU

    Cheap but definitely cheerful…

  • Storage/charging stand which incorporates all accessories
  • Interchangeable heads for precision trimming
  • Cordless

Babyliss have got a great a reputation for shavers, trimmers and other hair care products. I actually have a BaByliss iStubble myself and have always rated it very highly. This is a pretty popular trimmer and you get a lot for your money. It’s a great cheap beard trimmer and we thought it to be a very underpriced trimmer which was more at home on our Beard Trimmer Reviews.

Above all it’s simple to use with only a length setting which goes up in 0.2mm increments and a power on/off button, plus a nifty but straight forward little digital display. From reviews you read you’ll notice that this is a common conception when it comes to BaByliss products – they do what they’re supposed to and do it well without a lot of fuss.

As for the BaByliss 7056CU (pretty long codename for a shaver. Sounds like a Royal Navy destroyer) it definitely is not without its merits. Although not quite as simplistic as some of there stubble trimmers the BaByliss 7056CU is great nonetheless. As a beard trimmer it has everything you could need and more. We totally think this is a great beard trimmer for a great price.

Where? - How much? £17.97

Where? – How much? £17.97

Great ratings and great reviews for this product. You can check some out by following this link at or check out the amazon reviews on the BaByliss 7056CU. It’s a mixed bag with some critical and some riotous but here at we like BaByliss products and can you really argue for less than £18? So if you’re thinking, ‘but it’s less than twenty quid. Why isn’t on your cheap beard trimmers page?’. Well that’s because we thinking it’s in a class above a lot of those trimmers. And if you’re then thinking, ‘OK. So why isn’t it on your best beard trimmer page?’. That’s because although it’s pretty good with quite a few features and extras, we don’t think it’s quite thaaaaat good.

BaByliss 7235U – 10 Piece Titanium Grooming Set

Price £35.15

Beard trimmer reviews - BaByliss 7235UFeatures

  • 5 different attachment heads
  • Titanium blade tech for longevity of sharpness
  • 5 position guide
  • 3 jawline blending combs
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Body grooming function

The good…

Here’s another beauty from Babyliss. It’s the BaByliss 7235U. A great looking shaver and, as many do it comes with a charging stand so you can keep the trimmer and all the accessories mucho tidy. When you buy something from BaByliss you can usually depend on it being well made even when it does have a fairly inexpensive price tag.

Specifically, this trimmer would seem to be a panacea for all your grooming needs – from head to toe (If you have hairy toes that is). It has a huuuuuge selection of length settings and and combs enabling you to precision trim facial hair and also smooth out or remove your body hair efficiently and tidily, even on your most sensitive regions.

The not so good…

Firstly I’ll start by saying that you do get a lot for you money with this trimmer. However, given that you get a truck load of stuff like combs and attachments there has to be a catch, right? Well, one or two reviews do sugest that the build quality of this trimmer isn’t perhaps up to the standard of more expensive BaByliss models with some people complaining that they’ve had to have new one sent out to them. But you are only paying £35 for a beard and body trimmer that has probably got an attachment to trim your neighbours privet hedge so perhaps stop moaning and fork out for a more expensive trimmer. As is often the case, you get what you pay for!


Where? - How much? £35.15

Where? – How much? £35.15


Remington MB4560 – Lithium Technology Touch Control Trimmer

Price £35.95

Beard trimmer reviews - Remington MB4560

The MB4560 with touch screen capability


  • Lithium battery technology gives you up to 50 minutes of shaving
  • Touch Screen (Yes, you heard right it’s a touch screen trimmer!)
  • Can be operated cordlessly or while cord is attached
  • USB charging capability
  • Adjustable length settings from 0.4mm to 18mm in 1mm increments

The good…

This is possibly one of my favourite trimmers on the beard trimmer reviews page simply because I’m a total gadget nut. When I buy a car I’m more likely to buy it based on the tech inside that the make or the exterior looks so the touch screen function on this trimmer really appeals to me. It would feel like having your smartphone in the bathroom, right? Well, probably not but it’s still pretty cool and shows that electronic companies are trying to incorporate touch screen tech into pretty much everything they can these days. The lack of buttons and use of touch screen makes this one of the more techy trimmers on beard trimmer reviews and is a must for anyone who loves to keep up with new gadgets and tech coming onto the market.

The not so good….

Of the many, many reviews that can be found on the MB4560 many are good. However, my favourite piece of trimmer tech might be failing it slightly as some customers suggest that the screen can be a little unresponsive making it difficult to adjusts settings quickly and effectively. The other common complaint with this trimmer is the overall battery life, not the charge life, with some sugesting that after a year the battery was totally kaput.

With all this said amazon reviews show that most were very happy with this trimmer. Remington are a very good company and if you should have any complaints their customer services are usually fine to deal with.

Where? - How much? £35.99

Where? – How much? £35.99





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