Best beard dye for men

Beard dye or not to beard dye?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hide those few creeping grey hairs,  and it’s perfectly natural to want to portray the image of youth for that bit longer. Beards and stubble are quite often the first to fall victim to ageing process so for those of you who want a shiny, sparkly un-grey beard here’s’s guide to the best beard dye.

You may also just like to mix things up a bit. Experiment with a few different shades. You may not have expected the bright red beard and would just like to tone things down a touch.

Luckily with the resurgence in beards a vast product range of beard care has followed. From conditioners to oils, trimmers and beard dyes.

So which beard dye is for you? Let’s take a look at the range on offer and break it down to make it super easy to pick the perfect one for your growth!

Best beard dye for colour change

Hair, be it facial or head can be a real chance to make a  style statement and changing the colour as well as just having a trim can really help to make that statement. From brown to jet black, blonde to red.  It can be a real visual feast!

Or perhaps you don’t want a quite so stand out facial façade? Maybe you weren’t expecting your beard to be quite so bright red when you first embarked on your facial mop  growing  journey. In any case, have no fear, these are here!

Moustache and Beard Facial Hair: Colour Medium Brown

Trusty old Just for Men, synonymous with all well-groomed men out there! The just for men beard and moustache range are very good at what they do. If you so choose this dye is more than capable of turning a bright red beard jet black!

Its lasts well, about as long as the general beard takes to grow out.

4 applications at £7.89

Shades ranging from light brown to black.

Easy to apply brush

Why is the internet being a complete prick. I just want to finish this fekkin article so I can appear useful!

Best beard dye for greying

So you have noticed the first speckles of the tell tell signs of age in your beard… the dreaded grey! Now for some it just adds to the distinguished look but for those wanting to keep the image of youth heres’ the best beard dye available out there to help you to do so.

Just For Men M35 Moustache and Beard Facial Hair: Colour Medium Brown

Ok , I am aware that I am repeating myself but of course many of these dyes will also help with a colour overhaul and also be great for hiding those greys.

Given the natural looking tones just for men gives this beard dye is great for covering up greys whilst looking like a natural beard. However a little hint, use it sparingly, you can always apply heavier if needs be.

It lasts well, about as long as the general beard takes to grow out.

4 applications at £7.89

Shades ranging from light brown to black.

Easy to apply brush

Natural beard dyes

For those of the chemically conscious persuasion there are dyes out there that are natural, ammonia free or just not strictly a dye.  Very handy for those who are allergic to the more commercial dyes or just want to keep their lives as au natural as possible!

Blackbeard for Men – temporary brush on colour 12ml (0.40oz) Dark Brown

This isn’t a permanent dye which is why it doesn’t have any of the harsh chemicals a permanent product would have. But if you want coverage for the day then this product works wonders.No mess, no dye smells and no irritation. It gives a natural finish that can be washed out at the end of the day. Perfect for sprucing up the facial hair on a special occasion!

Use daily for a month with an average beard for £9.99

Available in Black, Dark Brown and Brown.

Easy apply mascara brush.

Henna hair & Beard Dye 150 grams – The Henna Guys®

Henna dyes are wonderfully 100% natural and this product from Henna Guys is no exception.

Gives a great rich colour without being harsh on the skin or hair for that matter. This product is suitable as a beard dye or for head hair so if you want to match then just give it a go!

At £13 for 1 pack but with a short beard many uses can be achieved by only mixing some of the henna.

Lots of shades from light browns , reds through to blacks


On a final albeit sensible note, it’s best to carry out a patch test prior to trying out any new dyes, even with the henna as some people can be allergic to natural things too!

On that note, have a happy beard dying time!

And for those of you who need some little tips on how to apply beard dyes like Just for Men, here’s a little video tutorial…






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