Best stubble trimmer

The best stubble trimmer of 2016

The noble stubble trimmer one that’s been around for that long but in the 10-15 years that we have seen these they’ve become uber popular. We’ve given you the best beard trimmers, we’ve given you cheap beard trimmers, we’ve even given you mediocre trimmers…well now you’re about to see…the BEST STUBBLE TRIMMER!

BaByliss Super Stubble

Price £48.00

FeaturesBest beard trimmer - BaByliss Super Stubble

  • Floating contour head floats effortlessly over your skin
  • Precise length settings with memory function. Starting at 0.4mm
  • Uses Lithium-ion batteries for great cordless use
  • Electro-chemically sharpened blades
  • Digital display

This is basically the son, or grandson, or great grandson, or something to the BaByliss I-Stubble. BaByliss have always dominated the stubble trimmer scene, perhaps because they make them well, which is why you’ll see quite a few here. The Super Stubble is pretty much a new and improved flashier version of the I-Stubble.

It looks sleeker, is made is an almost dark onyx colour with silver trim, and has a clear and bright dual coloured display to let you know how much battery you have left and what length the trimmer is set to.

Where? - How much? £48.00

Where? – How much? £48.00

BaByliss I-Stubble Trimmer

Price £34.99

Stubble trimmer - BaByliss i-stubbleFeatures

  • Follows the natural curves of your face with floating contour heads
  • Motorised length control from 0.4mm to 2.0mm
  • Dual battery system allowing reliable and quick shaving
  • Quick charge system. A 90 minute charge will give you almost an hour of shaving time
  • Quick burst charge for single shave



I’ll be starting with the I-Stubble Trimmer for one very simple reason. It’s the one I own! And, in fairness to BaByliss I’ve had it for almost 5 years. Now I must admit that for about 6 months of the year I sport an often quite bushy beard. However, that leaves another 6 months of the year where I’m fairly clean shaven. Fairly. Personally, I’m never clean shaven. I like to have at least a little bit of stubble which is why my girlfriend bought me one of these way back in 2011! Needless to say that I like this trimmer. 

The good…

Over the years it’s done everything I’ve wanted it to. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s always been quite a sturdy shaver with a little digital screen telling you how much battery you have left and what the length is set to.

The not so good…

One of the most annoying parts about using the BaByliss I-Stubble Trimmer is trying to trim stubble that’s in hard o reach places. For instance, under your nose or trimming your sideburns. You have to pull the grader cover back and use the bare blades as it doesnt go that sort on the settings.(that’s a link to the BaByliss website but it’s almost half the price on Amazon or at Argos but shhh don’t tell anybody I said that…)

Where? - How much? £34.99

Where? – How much? £34.99

Mangroomer Scruff Sculptor Professional Stubble Trimmer

Price £68.99


Stubble trimmer - the Mangroomer

Mangroomer – the badboy of stubble trimmers…

  • Trimmer lengths adjustable to 0.1mm
  • LCD display – shows battery and length
  • ‘Whisker Belly’ – captures hairs as you trim
  • Power burst button for hard to trim places
  • Quick charging battery


Now aint this a funky looking trimmer? The Mangroomer – I’m not particularly au fait with this one myself although I have heard people talk of it and seen a lot of reviews. It seems like a trimmmer for the generation of people that read Loaded and FHM. This is the stubble trimmer that’s drunk far too much protein, a can of Redbull, and is off to the gym to bench press 150kg. It’s bright, it’s stamped with words in big capital letters, and it has aaaa…whisker belly. A whisker belly? What the hell is a whisker belly? I thought the same.

Where? - How much? £68.99

Where? – How much? £68.99

Philips QT4005 Stubble Trimmer


The good…


The not so good…

To be totally honest, when you first lay eyes on this trimmer is has about as much appeal and charisma as ……


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