Braun Trimmer BT5050

The Braun Trimmer BT5050 – Braun do it again with this excellent mid-price trimmer…

Price £36.50


  • Precision blades with long lasting edge
  • More than 20 length settings
  • 50 minutes uninterrupted battery time
  • Can be used in wet environments so easil.y washable
  • Also comes with mains bathroom plug


The BT505 Braun trimmer is another great trimmer Braun. features many trimmers from Braun as they really are excellent trimmers. They can be found on the best beard trimmer reviews page, the beard trimmers review page.


Precision Trimming

The Braun BT5050 boasts 4 x more precision (*vs. previous Braun cruZer 5 beard). To give you this precision it uses 2 click and lock style trimming combs that give you a whopping 25 settings for ultra precision trimming. It has a short styling comb that can trim anywhere between 1 to 10 mm in 0.5 mm steps and a longer beard comb that will trim 10 mm to 20 mm in 2 mm steps. Pretty good yes? We think so.

The Look

This Braun trimmer, along with the CruZer 6 and most other Braun trimmers currently on the market, has stylish and up to date looks. It has a rubbery looking finish and an extra rubber grip on the handle giving it an ergonomic feel and a look which is about as sexy as you can get for something you’re going to trim your face with. Even the combs with their dial settings look uber cool and it comes with fashionable little bag for you to keep it nice and snug in.


Should you buy the BT5050?

This Braun trimmer comes in at just over £36 and is pretty fairly priced. It’s not the cheapest beard trimmer on the market but then again it’s pretty far from the most expensive too. It is however a good trimmer and will probably do what you want it to do – that is it will do most facial trimming to a very good standard. As for precision trimming, it has many length settings to choose from which are easy to set with the aid of a couple of great combs. Considering the price of this trimmer it’s look absolutely great. It doesn’t look cheap in the slightest – in fact exactly the opposite. It’s dull rubberised grip makes it look and feel like a beard trimmer of twice the price. If you’re a hair professional, maybe this isn’t the trimmer for you and you should be looking at a good model from perhaps Andis or Wahl. However, if you’re aim is to find a trimmer just for looking great when you go to the bar next Saturday night then this one is gpoing to give you everything you need. A steal at less than 40 quid. gives the Braun Trimmer BT5050 3.5 stars

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