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Looking for the best cheap beard trimmers in 2016? Look no further…

I’m going to love this page of reviews. Why? Because I love getting something for cheap, so long as it’s still good quality of course. In this section The Beard trimmer is going to take an honest and in-depth look  at cheap beard trimmers in 2016. These trimmers will be £20 and under – seemed like a decent price tag to go up to as you can’t expect much for under a tenner. If this isn’t ‘ya thing’ and you’d prefer to be perusing all singing, all dancing trimmers that may be a little more expensive but will happily iron your shirt for you then perhaps you could look on our best beard trimmer page or our averagely priced, semi decent, probably worth the money selection of trimmers you can go to our beard trimmer reviews page. Alternatively, if you’re not after growing a ‘Captain Birdseye’ but are instead opting for the rough stubble look then check out the best stubble trimmers page.

  1. Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Trimmer Set
  2. Gillette Fusion ProGlide beard trimmer and power razor
  3. Braun Cruzer 5
  4. BaByliss for Men 7107U 
  5. Philips Series 3000  – 7-In-1 Mens Grooming Kit
  6. Philips NT9145/11 Compact Beard Trimmer


Anyhoo, want an inexpensive trimmer? We’re aiming for under £20. So here ya go….

Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Trimmer Set

Price £13.59

FeaturesCheap beard trimmers - The Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman

  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Up to 1 hours use per charge
  • Great for all types of facial and bodily hair
  • Cutting length adjustable from 0.5 to 13mm
  • Stay sharp and durable carbon steel blades
  • Ideal for general shaving, trimming and precision work

Anybody who’s ever read any of The beard trimmers reviews before will know that I’m a big, big fan of products made by Wahl. Although I must admit that generally if I’m to buy a Wahl trimmer it’s at the other end of tjheir product range as it’s usually in use in the salon. But yay, that’s right – not only do Wahl make fantastic salon grade professional grade tools but they also make cheap beard trimmers which don’t seem to lack in quality.


My biggest criticism of this trimmer would be the look of it. It does have that characteristic look of a Wahl trimmer – like it’s been made for professionals, but unfortunately it lacks the finish as, like some other Wahl trimmers in this range, it has a kind of cheap looking shiny aluminium plastic. Personally I’d rather have a mat black finish like a status car. Broom, broom. But seriously, I don’t like the shiny plastic finish. Ger rid of it, Wahl.



Gillette Fusion ProGlide beard trimmer and power razor

Price £13.98


  • Gillette’s most comfortable shaveCheap beard trimmers - Gillette Proglide
  • Waterproof
  • Utilises Braun technology
  • Slim allowing easy maneurvability for close shaving and precise trimming
  • Precision edging blades for neat and tidy lines where needed
  • Pulses give a close shave from razor attachment

The good…

OK, so I’m aware than many of the beardy elite out there, aka those who are très snobby about their perfect facial hair may not consider this much of a trimmer. For one, it’s made by Gillette – I  can even hear some of you going ‘eeewwwww’. But I say, oh contraire dear chaps –  I have owned and used many different trimmers on both myself and other people and as a tool for trimming and edging I can’t say enough good stuff about the Proglide. Granted, it doesn’t have the finished and polished looks of many shavers and trimmers but it does the job very well indeed for such an inexpensive little thing. Maybe Gillete should make it look a little more permanent and less like a disposable razor. The reason I like this trimmer so much is perhaps because Gillette actually team up with Braun to make it. Undoubtedly this has made the Proglide a if your looking at buying a trimmer that doesn’t cost too much.

Cheap beard trimmers - Gillette ProglideThe not so good…

Unfortunately this trimmer is powered by an AA battery so is not rechargeable. However, the battery does last a considerable amount of time. this will all depend on how much you use it of course but in a way it’s more convenient than a rechargeable trimmer as your not sticking it on it’s little stand or looking for a lead every five minutes. The second and perhaps more important for most is that, despite Gillette’s partnership with Braun this trimmer still manages to look like a trimmer/shaver that is going to be thrown away in a week or is going to need to new blades, and if you’re using it as a shaver it will do!


As cheap beard trimmers go this is a great one – easily available, inexpensive, easy to use, and great for precision trimming.


Check out the Fusion ProGlide on the Gilette website


Braun Cruzer 5

Price £20.00

FeaturesCheap beard trimmers - Braun Cruzer 5

  • Dual battery function conserving shave time when necessary
  • Mega sharp stainless trimming – ‘Lifetime lasting sharp blades’
  • 6 setting beard comb – Great for that stubble look to the full Santa Claus
  • 6 setting hair comb – Great for precision hair trimming
  • Click and lock combs for ease of use and precision trimming

The good…

The Braun Cruzer 5 is a good looking trimmer. With a price tag of £20 or less you’re getting the good name of a brand like Braun coupled with a trimmer that also works very well. I actually love the look of this shaver however it is let down slightly by build quality.

Cheap beard trimmers - Braun Cruzer 5


The not so good…

This trimmer doesn’t have the build of the more expensive Braun models. For me this trimmer promises more than it delivers and personally I’d rather get one of Wahls cheap beard trimmers than one of Brauns. That said  many would prefer a Braun trimmer in every way.


BaByliss for Men 7107U 

Price £12.99

Cheap beard trimmers - BaByliss 7107UFeatures

  • Battery operated
  • Comb adjustable to 5 different lengths
  • Precision blending combs for sideburns and jawline
  • Handy stand to keep your trimmer in
  • 3 year guarantee

The good…

This is most definitely belongs on the cheap beard trimmers page coming in at only £12.99. It’s compact and won’t be in the way when you’ve stored it away for it’s next use as it sits in its little tidier standy device thing (technical jargon). Anyway, the point is that it keeps it tidily tucked away on your bathroom shelf without the added mess of wires.

The not so good…

It’s £12.99! You’re paying a very measely price for this trimmer so don’t expect it to be the best built beard trmmer ever because it simply isn’t the most robust trimmer ever made.

VerdictCheap beard trimmers - BaByliss-7107U

There’s no denying that this is a cheap product, but it’s also made by BaByliss so if you’re not entirely happy or need customer support for any other reason then it should be relatively painless. ‘Cheap and cheerful’ is a pretty darn good way to describe this one. It has everything you really need to take care of your facial hair but don’t expect them ti be the best. And don’t expect to walk out of the door feeling like you’ve just sat in a barbers chair for an hour.


Philips Series 3000  – 7-In-1 Mens Grooming Kit

Price £15.99

FeaturesCheap beard trimmers - Philips Series 3000

  • Trims stubble, moustache, nose and eyebrows
  • 32mm trimmer with 18 different length settings
  • Stubble comb with 12 different length settings
  • Battery operated for cordless use
  • Nasal hair trimmer
  • Waterproof for use in bath or shower


The good…

Looks pretty cool sat there in its trendy little holder with its attachments doesn’t it? Well I certainly think that it’s a good looking little shaver and at £15.99 for what would appear to be a really good trimmer particularly for those who are new to the world of beard trimming it’s definitely earned its place on cheap beard trimmers page. In fact, as far as inexpensive trimmers go it would seem to be one of the best of the lot and competes well with the likes of BaByliss and Wahl.

the Philips Series 3000 comes with enough attachments to keep you amused until your beard and body hair turns grey.


Philips NT9145/11 Compact Beard Trimmer

Price £16.90


Cheap beard trimmer - Philips Compact

Philips Compact – Ideal for use in the shower or bath

  • 3 combs for different length settings and precision styling – 3mm, 4mm & 5mm
  • Comes with a foil head for closer shaving
  • Batteries included
  • Totally waterproof for use in bath and shower





This is like a slightly more expensive looking version of the Gillette Powerglide trimmer minus the wet shaving head that comes with it. Indeed, Philips do several trimmers and shavers in this vein.








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