Nose trimmer

Feeling plucky? Get a nose trimmer

Despite the majority of us believing this to be an affliction for the more mature of us, the dreaded nasal hair can strike down young or old, male or female. It is a part of our beauty regime that most of us have to go through but will never admit to but you, yes you, need to get a nose trimmer.

Let’s be honest. We all have hair in our noses so it’s no big deal admitting we need to trim it from time to time? It is now perfectly acceptable to wax everywhere and that is men included, let the secret of nasal hair removal out!

The most important factor when removing nose hair is the pain factor. We all know the ensuing waterfall when you use those tweezers to tame nasal hair. It then makes it an incredibly time wasting exercise as you have to psyche yourself up for ten minutes before every attempt. Sufficed to say, not a pleasant experience.

This is a good reason to do your research when choosing a nasal hair trimmer product because, like everything else you buy, some are frankly rubbish. They don’t remove your hair but instead will just pull on it and leave you crying in agony with a small buzzy item dangling from your left nostril. Not the most subtle or painless method out there.


The first type of nose hair removing product I’m going to put out there may surprise you and it isn’t strictly a nose trimmer but trust me the results are better and less painful than you think. Nose hair wax! Yes I mentioned how painful it was to remove nasal hair by pulling them with tweezers. People go through that pan because the end result is a smooth nostril with no stubble. Waxing is a quick and unbelievably pain free way of removing unwanted nasal hair. Of course as with most things quality of products is paramount. One of my favourites is Yoffee Nose wax, 

For only £10 for ten treatments this is a bargain. The results last for weeks and the cute little packaging means your nose hair removing antics don’t have to be advertised to everyone who walks into your bathroom. It pulls out the long hair whilst keeping the delicate hairs your nostrils need in place.  You will also find seeing the end result on a stick looking somewhat like a lolly pop horrifying yet oddly satisfying!

For those who still aren’t tempted by the waxing route you may prefer something a little more traditional such as the Kissliss rechargeable nose hair trimmer. It does exactly what it should with precision and without the painful tugging of some other nasal trimmers due to it’s brilliantly sharp stainless steel blades.  You may have a shaver that you totally adore so have no need for all the extra attachments that a lot of nasal hair trimmers can have. Of course they are extremely handy but if you want to travel light then this is perfect as it’s not only simple but also rechargeable with a usb. No bulky chargers or remembering to bring batteries and most importantly no nasal hair!


Now this Phillips ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer is slightly different from the usual nose trimmer, it is more like a tiny clipper.

Yes this is a trimmer so will cut the hairs but the closeness of the cut is incredible so doesn’t leave you with the itchy stubbly feeling that inferior trimmers will leave with you. The hair will grow back fairly quickly but with this handy little nose hair remover it takes seconds to get rid. This particular nose trimmer is also great for those with unwanted hair in a few more places than just the nose, the clipper style allowing you to use the angled blade to shape eyebrows and get into odd crevices here and there. I would say use this on any little pesky hairs you can find. It’s a fantastic all-rounder and a total bargain at £10.


These products are just a very small example of what’s on offer but the point is it doesn’t have to be a painful, expensive or an embarrassing issue to deal with, it’s just hair after all!

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