The end of ‘peak beard’

Will the sacred beard see a demise in 2016?

Beards have been back en vogue in a big way for a number of years now. Their popularity during 2015 was unprecedented and anyone whose anyone in music, film, sports, TV and politics had one.

The beard trimmer - Peak beard

Tom Hardy bearding it up

But what’s in store for the future of the beard? Will beard just become more and more popular until everyone in the world has one? Well, we can hope but the truth is that things come into fashion and things go out of fashion. Maybe the current era of beards is coming to an end.

Alun Withey, a historian from the University of Exeter, will conduct 3 years of research on the cultural history of the beard in Britian (Money well spent, yeh? Well, that’s a matter for another article). He states that the end of the beard has been predicted for several years now and it simply hasn’t happened and the beard, in its many incarnations has stayed as strong as ever and kept on growing, literally.

Alun talks about ‘peak beard’. What is ‘peak beard’ exactly I hear you ask, don’t I? Maybe not but I’ll tell you anyway. Peak beard is the peak time of a cycle when beards have been in fashion. Yes, thats right – people are that bothered about this subject that they’ve actually calculated where peak beard was in the last few years and it said to be 2014. So this time, according to Dr. Withey, it IS coming to an end. Really it is. This is all down to patterns and trends and according to his information the popularity of the beard is seeing a huge drop as we speak and we’re definitely going to see an end to the beard boom.

Withey suggests that it’s all down to class and in particular down to a class of young urban creatives, or the ‘yuccie’ who are becoming tidier, sleeker, and generally looking more suave. Examples of this can seen clearly at various award ceremonies where celebs are walking down the red carpet looking clean cut and dapper. So we may be seeing the end of hipster beards but I for one will keeping bearding it up for as long as I can and I urge you to do the same. Long live the beard, the beard is not dead!

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Vive la beard!

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