Philips Beard Trimmer Series 9000 Laser Guided

The Laser Guided Series 9000 Philips Beard Trimmer

The laser guided Philips beard trimmer 9000 series is most definitely a pretty cool beard trimmer especially if, like me, you’re the sort of guy who loves gadgets and new tech. Not many manufacturers use this laser guidance on their beard trimmers. Personally I don’t have much experience with them but the reviews are pretty good. The laser guidance seems to be an excellent tool for those who like a short beard and want their lines to be precise and fantastically tidy. This will be one of the trimmers featured on the best beard trimmer simply because it’s bringing new ideas and new tech to the beard trimming world.

Series 9000 Philips Beard Trimmer

Precision trimming using laser guidance

  • Trim and style shapes perfect with the aid of laser guidance
  • Precise, symmetrical results time after time
  • Cordless and easy to use
  • Stubble trimmer function – choose the length you want and go
  • Dual sided trimmer for versatility
  • Fully waterproof

Laser guidance

In short, the laser guide beams it defined beam onto your face showing you exactly where the hair will cut. This is ideal if you like the sorter beard as you can give very defined lines and your beard perfectly symmetrical. So if you have chronic OCD over your grooming and want the perfectly defined beard then undoubtedly this is the one for you. There’s no longer any excuse for wonky facial hair and badly trimmed beards and mustaches!

Dual sided trimmer

Philips beard trimmer - laser guided series 9000

The Series 9000’s dual sided head

Yep, it’s a dual sided trimmer. This means, if you hadn’t already guessed, that there’s a trimmer on both sides of the head. Theres a 32mm trimmer which is great for a quick trim or on the other side there’s a 15mm trimmer which is a sized usually used for getting in nooks and crannies that the larger head usually used can’t. Great for really fine lines and detail.

Philips beard trimmerControl

Pretty simple controls on this. It has two indicators. One which tells you how much battery you have remaining and which tells you the length setting. To adjust the length setting you simply roll the grippy red bit until you’re where you want to be. Length settings begin at 0.4mm for trimming and contouring stubble and go all the way up to 7mm for the fuller beard.


Wet and dry use

This is a deal breaker for some and you can see why given that most people are rushing to get out in the morning and want to shave while in the shower or bath. Not only that but using non wet safe electrical items in the bathroom probably isn’t the best idea. The Series 9000 is totally waterproof and safe to use in or out of the shower.

Where? - How much? £16.90

Where? – How much? £63.74

Check out this really cool video outlining exactly what the Series 9000 Philips beard trimmer can do!

Want to know more about the laser guided Series 9000 Philips beard trimmer? Here’s a great story from the Daily Mail (Yes, the Daily Mail!) – ‘Philips unveils its LASER-GUIDED beard trimmer’ , but please note that this trimmer has come down in price since then! You’ll also find other reviews containted in thelinks in this page. If you’re a true beard fanatic like myself then feel free check out our other beard trimmer pages or if you prefer your facial hair tidy and short then take a look out our best stubble trimmer reviews.

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